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Adjusting company organisational structure to foster improved performance levels

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Telecommunications systems for security


Transforming the organisation to fit the company’s new dimensions, and remediating production performance difficulties.

of the assignment

  • Understanding the French market environment, which is at risk following the government’s desire to nationalise the solution
  • Increasing profitability of the activities
  • Improving quality and observance of deadlines for production
  • Optimising the operating models, which were no longer suitable for the company’s size
  • Increasing interactions between employees and departments
  • Making human resource management more formal, with identifiable and measurable goals
  • Guiding handover of general management from the company founder to the new managing director

Scope of

  • Analysis of the external environment: risks and opportunities
  • Analysis of the internal environment: strengths and areas for improvement
  • A target organisational chart that shows operational relationships
  • Guiding handover from general management
  • Composing the target organisational chart that shows reporting relationships, and takes into consideration HR risks
  • Building the target operational models


  • Understanding the domestic market and the markets with potential
  • Objective comprehension of the strengths and the difficulties of the existing organisation
  • A target organisational chart that shows operational relationships and that is adapted to the strategy and the company’s activities
  • General management handover that is guided to reduce the impact for the company


We’ve been provided complete support with strong involvement from the team, and recommendations to help us make important decisions.

Marc P.


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