case study

Study the exportability of a business model for the purpose of equity holding

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Business event (targeted company)

Small & mid-cap financing and management (fund)

Client's context

As an investment fund in the pre-deal discussion phase, our client needs to identify the international development potential of the targeted company and assess the risk level of its future investment

Challenges of the assignment

  • Provide an initial analysis regrading the scalability potential of the business model outside France
  • Propose strategic orientations to structure the roadmap for future international deployment

Scope of work

Studying the international scalability of the model

  • Identification of the key success factors of the model in France
  • Analysis of the targeted company’s market on an international level with a focus on promising countries: French-speaking countries, Southern Europe, Anglo-Saxon countries
  • Identification of the major challenges to be addressed in order to adapt abroad the French format and meet the essential conditions for leverage (adequacy of the model for potentially promising countries, extension of the network, creation of a local ecosystem, acquisition of resources and key skills, etc.)

Definition of the main strategic orientations to be taken in the short and medium term:

  • Identification of the key criteria for the model to be exported: product consistency, socio-cultural context inside the business community,…
  • Rigorous qualification of targeted markets through macroeconomic analysis using country relevant indicators
  • Recommendations to adapt the existing model by identifying adjustments to be made and based on cross-cultural indicators that are specific to each country

Elaboration of the action plan to develop the international strategy of the targeted company:

  • Sharing the common strategic vision at 3-5 years
  • Identification of appropriate international development scenarios and definition of each targeted market business model
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships with service providers capable of meeting the expected level of quality
  • Adjustment of internal organization: recruitment of local teams around a strong corporate culture that can be transmitted internationally

Client benefits

  • An objective and rational vision of the international development opportunities in the targeted company
  • Assistance in decision-making regarding the assessment of the risk level regarding growth opportunities
  • Strategic orientations illustrated by concrete actions to be implemented in the short and medium term through a detailed roadmap


JWA Strategy has made an effective contribution in both pre- and post-acquisition to improve the international development strategy of our investments.


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