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JWA Strategy is composed of a core team that is multi-disciplinary and a network of specialised experts who can be mobilised according to the needs of your business and sector.



A born entrepreneur, Julien is the mastermind behind JWA Strategy, and the cornerstone of the firm that he founded in 2013.

With a degree in Strategic Affairs and Defense Policy from EHEI, Julien has solid expertise in managing complex projects and in international growth strategy.

After spending the first part of his career in high-level government positions, Julien decided to join one of the Big Four to “learn” the consulting profession. This formative period afforded him the tools to develop JWA and is what enables him to offer executives a process for performing on the international stage.

The father of two little girls, his time is apportioned between JWA Strategy, his family life and his hobbies. In everyday life, his uncompromising, altruistic personality translates to the desire to continuously improve and enrich client relationships. His humble nature in the face of trials compels him to self-examination, taking nothing for granted.

Working with a very involved and engaged team; helping CEOs to prepare for their future, never ceasing to learn through our experiences, mistakes and successes; doing everything I can to provide pragmatic solutions… In short, it's this richness that keeps me going and motivates me everyday.

I'm part of a useful and ambitious mission : making management consulting accessible and efficient for SME oftentimes already surpassed by their daily activities. Succeeding to offer methods adapted to the client's needs and helping them to cross the threshold of international transformation is a daily challenge that's truly intellectually satisfying.



Organisational Transformation and Change Management specialist, Noël assists companies as they traverse this complex stage. It requires great people skills but also a lot of perspective.

A graduate of the international projects management program at ESCP, Noël has developed his expertise further through diverse experiences in multi-national companies (PWC, SOPRA, SNCF) but also through business creation projects he’s led for his clients and himself.

A discerning psychologist, he quickly grasps the internal human and social implications of the organisation, and his dynamic nature enables him to keep the troops motivated to overcome difficulties. His unfailing candour serves the performance of our clients in need of an objective and honest outside opinion.

A foodie especially fond of terroir, his active and determined personality is an asset for directing his own start-up, which specialises in creating value for products from authentic, natural agriculture. Always hungry for more, Noël never takes anything for granted and knows how to reinvent himself, to outdo himself each day.A g

Eléonore CLERC

« THE Skipper »

In charge of the associates and overseeing assignments, Eleonore is personally responsible for keeping track of firm operations on a daily basis.

An expert in marketing and communication, she gets involved on issues regarding positioning, targeting markets and distribution methods.

A graduate from ESCP and holder of a master’s degree in Digital Strategy, Eléonore worked first at Yves Rocher and then for several locally- and globally-known SMEs where she cultivated her strong ability to adapt in various contexts.

Pragmatic and energetic, she enhances team unity thanks to her experience on sailing crews. Benevolent and attentive, she personally assists each staff member in their career development. By helping them refocus on the goals and the work method, she contributes to strengthening their expertise.

What makes me want to wake up each morning is that no day is ever the same at JWA. Every client is different, every mission is a challenge, we have to reinvent ourselves all the time, and every experience makes us grow. And this is all thanks to our small tight-knit and diverse team united around the strong common values of respect and engagement.

Working at JWA is contributing each and everyday to a firm that applies the same values to itself as those we promote to our clients: diversity, ethics, and a strong capacity to reinvent oneself.


« THE Maths Whizz »

A veritable expert in information mining – collection and analysis – Rachid brings his great mastery of all things data to JWA Strategy.

A graduated of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in Strategic Intelligence and Information Science, Rachid acquired experience in information retreival and analysis while working at OC&C Strategy and then as an independent economist. 

He plays a role in each step of our projects by identifying the key market data and by developing measurement indicators. He also brings the economic expertise to identify the business models that are specific to each sector of activity.
Affable and never lacking for a good story to tell, he considers it a point of honour to share his experience and his understanding of what’s at stake with our clients. This comprehensive, accurate vision is what guides our thinking and enriches our conversations.


« THE coach »

Facilitating the transformational process through which challenges become advantages, and furnishing the motivation to act: this is at the core of everything she does.

With her degree in Political Sciences and certification as a Professional Coach, Sophie has shaped strong expertise in change management and management of the human issues that exist within companies.

A true artisan of change, she wields the keys to figuring out what motivates individuals with both conviction and integrity. She skilfully guides executives, managers and teams to respond to their need for efficiency, performance and meaning.

Sophie draws her energy from her children’s laughter, her well-being from her daily workout, and her deep sense of personal fulfilment from the balance she’s created between her professional and personal life.

More than employee profiles, our team is composed of individuals and that's so motivating for me ! Open-mindedness, diversity of our soft skills and expertise, JWA Strategy embodies internationalisation. Mutual enrichment, skill and knowledge-sharing are our core strengths.

Firstly, being part of a young, dynamic and supportive team, even if my position is quite separate. Next, the trust that is placed in me. It's important to work at a company with which I share the values, the ethics and the dynamics. I am proud to convey JWA's values.

Brigitte MONNIER


A versatile administrant, Brigitte is the mainstay of the firm.

Holder of a Law degree, Brigitte has held senior positions  in team management and as support for executives in companies such as FNAC and UNIBAIL and in fields as varied as legal advice, business aviation and communication.

Her varied experience, ranging from creating new ventures or directing an association, to managerial roles in large companies, have refined her skills in financial and budget management.

The firm’s travel agent, accountant, negotiator of services, and HR manager, she takes care of internal administrative matters and manages client contracts.

Rigorous and attentive to detail, she is a key figure in interactions with JWA. If you haven’t heard of her, it’s because you haven’t gotten to know us yet.



Specialising in organisational transformation at JWA, Victor’s youth does not detract in any way from his competency.

After his studies in mechanical and industrial engineering in France and Scotland, Victor joined the firm in 2017. He brings the technical expertise allowing us to address our clients’ challenges when activities involve complex technological aspects.

With his degree in International Industrial Affairs, Victor has gained expertise in operational projects steering, risk management and quality management.

Fascinated by photography and graphic arts, this sensitivity to detail translates to a strong capacity for viewing things with perspective, and analytical skill. Cheerful and accessible, he is the ideal person to lead teams at companies undergoing the process of transformation.

At JWA, people have faith in me and my opinion has value, which is rewarding on a daily basis. The diversity of the activities and missions leads to constant learning in order to be able to give real added value to our clients. Here, nothing is routine and that's for the best !

I found true respect and encouragement on a daily basis working at JWA. Here, my value is recognised and I am able to improve my skills in a positive environment, without judgement. That's what I call a real team !

Morgane LEBON


Originally from Reunion Island, Morgane’s strongest feature is her expertise in “inter-cultural” matters, as she worked with institutions, associations and businesses in the field of partnership management.

She steps in when strategic partnerships and cross-cultural management come into play. Morgane travelled to the four corners of China in search of folk arts, where she lived and worked for a year becoming completely fluent in Mandarin. What she takes away from this experience is astute knowledge of this culture, with which she forged strong bonds despite the differences. Her reserved attitude conceals an open mindedness and great ability to adapt.

Morgane’s diploma in International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation, she has acquired skills in partnership management and international negotiation through her experience with regional cultural institutions.

A fan of crafting, DIY and indeed a jack-of-all-trades, she enjoys making things by hand and creating through experimentation with materials. For her, human relationships are like artworks. They are constructed through experiences with the “other”, whose nature and particularities must be sought out and apprehended.