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STEP 1 -

An initial analysis that’s essential for getting to know you and identifying areas for improvement

This international readiness diagnosis will be performed together during our first meeting. It’s a crucial step since it allows us to take a snapshot of your current ambitions, needs and issues, all in order to evaluate your business is ready to launch or consolidate its international expansion.

In the meantime, we provide an online tool that will give you an initial analysis of your situation.

It’s free and within five minutes, you’ll already have a good idea of the areas you’ll need to work on.

Assess your international readiness in 5mn



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This fairly rapid diagnosis gave us the awareness of the areas to focus on in order to get our business on the international track.

Laurent A.

STEP 2 -

Forge the vision, the ambition and create the action plan that will contribute to building your strategy

A clear strategic vision for your company that’s shared by members of executive management is crucial for defining the framework for further reflection.

Together, we’ll put your strategic ambitions for the next three to five years into writing and set the course for international expansion.

At the end of this stage, your vision, your ambitions and your strategic goals have been formalised and are shared by all members of the executive committee.

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It allows to define the vision and shared strategic goals
of the executive committee members
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JWA team's objective and analytical approach, supported by experts really convinced us.

Emmanuel P.

STEP 3 -

Obtain strategic recommendations for reducing the identified risks and shortcomings.

This step entails analysing your business and its environment in light general management’s strategic ambitions, in order to identify the focus for expansion.

Designed to be a realistic snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses, it enables us to set the starting point for reflection, which is essential for planning a consistent strategy.

The consultants establish good dialogue with our teams and lead them to international readiness in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

Emmanuel P
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STEP 4 -

Feed the thought process through development scenarios

This step involves decoding your market environment in order to identify the right international expansion scenario, critical for hedging against risks.

Your target markets are examined, the company ability to go global is gauged and growth hypotheses are developed in order to find the best expansion model.

It’s a necessary step, providing food for thought and enabling you to make the right decisions to outline your strategy.

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This offer is presented as a package and is fully customisable according to your needs. It includes conducting targeted studies adapted to your challenges as well as modeling the most compelling expansion scenarios for your growth.
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We've been provided a full support with strong involvement from the team, and recommendations to help us make important decisions.

Marc P.

STEP 5 -

Select the development scenario and devise the business plan and related action plan.

This step consists in converting the expansion scenario chosen previously into a roadmap, outlining the overall projects to tackle and the key milestones.

It is done by creating the strategic and financial business plan, and then modeling the impacts of the strategy on your company’s current organization .

This step fleshes out the international expansion plan and provides the tools for steering its deployment over 6-month, 1-year and 3-years periods.

Discover our dedicated offer

Our tailor-made offer allows you to build the business plan in line with the optimal development scenario, and gives you the resources necessary to implement your strategy.
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A team of highly-committed consultants who truly desire success and help us to dig deeper for good ideas.

Vincent C.

STEP 6 -

From strategy to implementation of the operational action plan

This step is essential for supporting you during the deployment and execution of your action plan. Many companies don’t have enough resources, skills or just enough time to do it. So we accompany you through the process for a pre-determined timeframe.

The takeaway? A tangible roadmap detailed by resource, business line or business unit as well as operational management tailored to your needs.
Some examples:

  • Restructuring the organisation and supporting teams during the transition
  • Coaching managers or executives to strengthen team leadership and trust
  • Initiating strategic partnerships abroad in the form of a joint-venture, subsidiary, purchase, or takeover
  • Managing your operational action plan to guide teams towards achieving the objectives
  • and more…
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Consultants who do not neglect the human factor, which is at the heart of strategic partnerships, and who help us build a trust-based relationship with our foreign partners.

Vincent C.

Offer #1

Establishing strategic partnerships
to develop your business abroad.

Offer #2

Providing operational guidance
during your international business transformation.

Offre #3

Reveal your own personal strategy
for adapting to new challenges and discover your potential.

Offer #4

Steer the execution of your strategy
and implement your operational roadmap.

STEP 7 -

Monitor results against objectives, adjust the course with corrective actions

Assessments give you the knowledge you need to make progress.

The goal of this very last step is to evaluate the effectiveness of the operation. We’ll measure the impact of the actions deployed, comparing them to key indicators we’ve define together. Monitoring is performed along with you at 3-month, 6-month and one year points.

We provide an additional point of view and as needed, we will make the necessary adjustments in order to continuously improve the impact of the actions undertaken.

The availability of the team and the close relationship we have is really a plus for long missions such as ours, that involve organisational transformation.

Marc P.
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