Notice to SMEs in the west… JWA STRATEGY settles in Nantes !

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Established in Aix-en-Provence for 5 years, and more recently in Paris, the opening of a new office in Nantes will enable us to expand our presence throughout the Western region, where family businesses, SMEs and mid-tier companies are particularly dynamic.

The management of the office has been entrusted to a new Partner whom we are pleased to welcome to the firm: Grégoire Germain.

Grégoire holds a Chartered Accountant degree and has been graduated from ESSCA. He has 13 years experience in multicultural environments, which he acquired in leading firms (Deloitte, PwC, Nexia-Groupe Y, as Partner and Head of the Consulting Department). He has also developed highly operational financial expertise as a full-time or transitional CFO in various SMEs and ETIs.
In 2018, Grégoire founded Torregham, to support companies on their financial strategy and their “high balance sheet” issues (evaluation, external growth, turnaround operations, succession).

By joining us, Grégoire brings to the firm his know-how in international financial strategy, while developing our activities in the Western Region.

Aiming to co-build, with the general management, their international, societal and sustainable growth strategies, Grégoire’s arrival enhances JWA Strategy expertise and gives us a position of Business Partner, who is committed alongside SMEs and mid-tier companies in their internationalisation success.

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