Towards an in-depth disruption in international business consulting

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JWA Strategy and Oohee have signed a strategic alliance allowing companies to accelerate their strategic decision-making, master their international transformation and achieve rapid operational results.

This alliance aims to disrupt traditional consulting in international business by opening up the world on unmatched terms. Where JWA Strategy offers ils clients consulting and support services for international transformation, Oohee connects them with a community of locally based talented experts able to accelerate and master the various stages of the development project.

From strategic vision to operational deployment support, JWA Strategy and Oohee are able to collect reliable information and data on a targeted market, to test implementation models, to look for business contacts, to accompany the company on a trade show (or to visit it in its place), to ensure quality control, …

This partnership brings a higher value-added offer to companies. The solution is :

  • More efficient: there’s no more room for chance. Choices are considered and assumed.
  • More relevant: cultural codes, good practices and language barriers , these are all obstacles lowered by Ooheers who know the country;
  • More economical: An Ooheer is already on-site, which limits travel abroad and makes it easier to implement export support;
  • Faster: response times are reduced to a few days.
  • More ecological: limiting foreign travel has an immediate and significant impact on CO2 emission.
  • Simpler: no administrative constraints, no declarations, no charges…

Our two structures agility now enables companies to lift the brakes to go international. Our offer meets the strategic objectives and the budgetary, ecological and time constraints of companies with the guarantee of a high level of service and quality. And that’s totally new.

Who is Oohee?

A true market innovation successfully launched in 2018, Oohee is to date the only operational platform gathering a community of more than 13,000 French-speaking Expatriates, talented experts qualified and available as local relays in 155 countries.

Oohee strengthens its international expertise by completing its service offer to companies of all sizes, far beyond simply connecting with its growing community of French-speaking expatriates.

Thanks to this alliance, JWA Strategy consolidates its position as a committed business partner, able to master the international transformation process of companies from A to Z, thanks to a very pragmatic service that secures and simplifies operational deployment across borders.

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